The Synagogue of Satan (Sabbatianism)

The great Rabbi and Jewish philosopher Maimonides (1135-1204) wrote in his monumental work, Mishnah Torah, "Ultimately, all the deeds of Jesus of Nazareth . . . will only serve to prepare the way for the Messiah's coming and the improvement of the entire world, motivating the Gentiles to serve God together [with the Jews]." (Hilchot Melachim U'Milchamoteihem 11:4)

"Religious Jews believe that Jesus was taken away from [us]. He was a great power, he could have been a great Tzaddik [Jewish Saint], but he was drawn to the other [Gentile] side of the fence." (Quoted in Legends of the Hasidim by Jerome R. Mintz, University of Chicago Press.)

Moreover, the Talmud, in fact, acknowledges Jesus as a legitimate heir to the Throne of David -- which is to say, in the Messianic succession: The fact is, that before Paul took the message of the Jewish Messiah to the Gentiles, Jesus' following consisted entirely of Jews. The "multitudes" who thronged to him, the thousands who followed him -- all were Jews.

It was Paul, through his Church of Antioch, who extended inclusion in the Community of Israel to the Gentiles, without their prior conversion to Judaism, but simply by receiving baptism in Christ.

By the time of Sabbatai Zevi, in 1665, feelings toward Jesus were decidedly mixed among Jewish theologians. Prior to that, there had been several rabbis who secretly approved of his teachings, and were excommunicated for their beliefs when they were discovered. (See the Midrash Rabba.)

Sabbatai Zevi was one of the great Jewish False Messiahs, an antichrist who started one of the greatest movements of Satan, (Ha Satan) to destroy the Jewish people from WITHIN. Vatican Roma and the majority of apostate Protestants sought to destroy the Jewish people from without. True Christians can be known today by the GENUINE love and defense of Jewish people. The greatest oxymoron may be to claim to be a Christian and hate Jews.

Everyone should know who The Antichrist, The False Messiah of the last days, is NOW. If you do not know the identity of the False Messiah, the Antichrist, NOW, then just click up and you will see.

What did they teach about Jesus? JESUS IN SABBATIAN THEOLOGY, Nathan of Gaza, the prime framer of Sabbatian theology, wrote: "[Sabbatai Zevi] will restore to holiness his qelippah, which is Jesus Christ." (Be'Iqvoth Mashiach). What this means simply, is that Jesus was believed to be the "shell" or "container" which surrounded the advent of Sabbatai Zevi who would restore Christ to his rightful place of holiness among the Jews.

Gershom Scholem writes, "One has to realize the significance -- for seventeenth century Jewish minds -- of the doctrine [espoused by Nathan of Gaza] of the eschatological restoration of Jesus to his people [the Jews] and to his 'holy root' . . . Nathan's vision [of] Sabbatai redeeming the soul of Jesus . . . is an exact analogy, nay, anticipation of the later Hasidic legend [in which the Baal Shem Tov] attempted to save the soul of Sabbatai Zevi." ("Sabbatai Zevi: The Mystical Messiah, p. 286) Gershom Scholem also has traced the incestuous practices of the Sabbatians to that of Earth Mother worship.

We need also to mention Sabbatai Zevi's spiritual successor, Yakov Leib Frank. Yakov Leib Frank, Sabbatai's 18th century Messianic heir, saw himself even more clearly in a direct line of succession from Jesus. (Note - He states, "In a dream I saw [Jesus Christ] sitting -- and around him were Catholic priests -- by a fountain of good pure water; and when I looked closely I saw that the fountain flowed out from there [where Jesus sat] and came to me." And again, "I will show you the Holy One, Blessed be He [Yahweh], for in me is Strength and Governance, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, has chosen me and they have revealed to me from heaven what to do.")

Frank also made a Satanic or Luciferian pact with one Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish-born Jesuit, Luciferian, to enlist his Sabbatians to join Weishaupt's Illuminati. That is the true history and purpose of Sabbatians, to be the Illuminati satanist arm of destruction of the Jewish people from WITHIN.

Thus, both Sabbatai and Frank deceitfully claimed their mission was, in part, to restore holiness to Jesus and return him to the Jewish people. This, of course, was at the foundation of the Great Tikkun (restoration) they initiated to redeem the world. What masterful satanic deception. That was the plan to destroy the Jews from within, that Sabbitans have taken up, according to antichrist, self-proclaimed, and proven false messiah, Yakov Leib Frank.

In FACT, Sabbatianism is the antichrist False Messiah movement which seeks to destroy the Jewish nation from WITHIN. It is closely aligned with the Merovengian, 13th Satanic Illuminati Bloodline, of the world's highest ranking Satanists. It is headquartered in Turkey. This explains why the most frequently visited country of Prince Charles, though often secretly, is Turkey.

In the interest of being brief, I am not printing here, a copy of a letter which these Sabbatainas sent to Jewish rabbis world wide. In their own words the letter describes thier satanic cult branch of the illuminati. Their goal since Frank merged into Wieshaupt's Illuminati, since the 18th century, was to destroy the Jewish people and nation from within. I am going to include that letter in the Illuminb file that only those of you on the GJiGT group know how to access.

If you have a need for that letter, you will soon find it in that file. Don't trust the internet. Some of these files will some day not be available. I recommend you get a copy of all the material in that file and have it stored on disk. The Sabbatains represent the classic Synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not.

The following may be a little confusing to some Jews and Christians. Just grab hold of what you can understand for now, and trust the Holy Spirit of Truth to give you understanding of the truth that you need, in the hour that you need it.

Abraham is the father of ALL who believe in True Faith in the One True Elohim. The G-d of Abraham is the Only True G-d. The Faith of Abraham KNOWS Messiah Ben Joseph. The Faith of Abraham KNOWS Messiah Ben David. The faith of Abraham KNOWS Messiah Ben Joseph and Messiah Ben David to be one and the SAME person. The Faith of Abraham KNOWS Messiah Ben Joseph and Messiah Ben David to be one and the same person, to whom Abraham paid tithes, known as Melchizedek, King of Jerusalem, King of Peace.

Abraham believed in the RESURRECTION. That is the ONLY reason that Abraham rose up early, in obedience, to sacrifice his ONLY son of promise, Isaac. Abraham believed in the Resurrection. Abraham knew that G-d can not lie. Therefore, Abraham's belief in the RESURRECTION, is the only way he could rise up early to obey the command of the Lord, in the test of his faith, to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham prophesied that HaShem would provide Himself, a Lamb.

The Faith of Abraham KNOWS, and we should also KNOW, that Lamb, that HaShem Himself provided, is Messiah Ben Joseph. The faith of Abraham KNOWS that any Messiah who could not prove that he IS Messiah Ben Joseph, RESURRECTED, could NOT be Messiah Ben David. The Faith of Abraham KNOWS that any priest, who could not prove that he IS Messiah Ben Joseph, RESURRECTED, could not be the great high priest Melchizedek, King of Peace, who is the ONLY mediator between G-d and man.

The Faith of father Abraham is required to be a True Israelite, or a True Believer in The G-d of Abraham, or to be a True Jew, or to be a True son or daughter of Abraham, or to be a believer in the True Messiah that the faith of Abraham KNOWS as his Friend. To have The Faith of father Abraham you MUST believe as Abraham Believed, and prove it by your obedience to G-d's commands as Abraham did. Trust and obey there is no other way.

Here are the foundations of the Faith of Abraham in the One True G-d of Abraham. A true Jew or a GENUINE Christian Believes:

1) You must believe as Abraham did, that G-d IS Almighty, and that it is the duty of man to obey G-d's Commands.

2) You must believe as Abraham did, that G-d CANNOT Lie. To LIE, is the ONLY thing that the G-d of Abraham CANNOT do.

3) You must believe as Abraham did, IN the One True G-d and reject all false gods.

4) You must believe as Abraham did, in the RESURRECTION.

5) You must believe as Abraham did, in the True Messiah, and reject all False Messiahs.

6) You must believe as Abraham did, that Messiah Ben David is Messiah Ben Joseph, RESURRECTED.

7) You must believe as Abraham did, that Melchizedek, King of Jerusalem, King of Peace, is Messiah Ben David, and can prove His claim, by proving He is Messiah Ben Joseph, RESURRECTED.

8) You must believe as Abraham did, that Melchizedek, who is pre-incarnate and now RESURRECTED Messiah Ben Joseph, is the only one who can prove He is also Messiah Ben David. The faith of Abraham KNOWS this one and ONLY Mediator, and ONLY acceptable priest between HaShem and any man, NOW. NOW is the accepted time. Today is the accepted time. Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your heart.

9) You must believe as Abraham did, that G-d reveals Himself by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Spirit of Truth.

10) Like Abraham did, CONSIDER this great high priest Melchizedek, to Whom Abraham paid tithes. Believe as the faith of Abraham does, that this Melchizedek was one without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of G-d; abideth a priest continually. Abraham paid tithes unto Him because the faith of Abraham knows Him to be one and the same Messiah Ben Joseph RESURRECTED and Messiah Ben David, SOON TO COME. Abraham paid tithes to Him as the ONLY MEDIATOR between Abraham and the G-d of Abraham.

These shocking TRUTHS CAN ONLY BE REVEALED TO YOU, as they were revealed to Abraham, by Faith, through HaShem's Ruach Ha Kodesh, Ha Shem's Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, which is why all MUST be born again by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, of the G-d of Abraham.

True Christians recall how, the great rabbi, Paul the Apostle, gives the Profound answer regarding Faith, the Law, and who is a true Jew.

Rom 3:31 Do we then make void the law through faith? G-d forbid: yea, we establish the law.

Rom 2:28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

Rom 2:29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

Jews or Gentiles who have The Faith of Abraham are G-D PLEASERS, not self pleasers, or people pleasers. Like Abraham they don't have a religion, they have a RELATIONSHIP with the G-d of Abraham. They have the True Faith of Abraham. The proof is that they have the power of the Ruach ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit of HaShem to know the Truth and the power to live holy, in OBEDIENCE to the Commands of HaShem's Royal Law.

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In their own words - the Sabbatians write the following to the Jewish rabbis of the world:

Sabbataianism is a religious movement in many countries especially in Turkey. This movement was begun by Shabtai Zwi (aka Sabbatai Zevi 1626 – 1676). (One of the greatest False Messiahs of the Jewish people) Young Sabbatai's desire was to learn more about mystical subjects. Although he was very young Zevi tended to study the Kabbalah. His melancholic psychology, combined with the difficulties in life, led him to engage in bizarre actions. He was fasting frequently, washing his body and plunging into meditation by himself for long hours. Though he was married three times, he touched none of his wives and said that he was " married to Torah".

Sabbatai was particularly impressed by the portions of the Kabbalah that mentioned the Messiah. So much so that after some cabalistic calculations he began to believe that he was the awaited savior. Furthermore, the environment of turmoil and pessimism, seemed to support his beliefs.

The Messianic claim is really an interpretation of the Zohar. According to the Zohar there are two messianic characters. One is Messiah Ben Joseph. This character is to come beforehand and disclose people their sins and show the righteous way. The second character is Messiah Ben David. He will generate extraordinary changes.

Shabtai Zwi believed that he was Messiah Ben David and that he would save the world from their evil deeds, and lead the world Jewry to the Holy Land (Israel) and rebuild the Temple. In 1648 in a synagogue he recites the unspeakable name of Lord which stirred a big reaction. But a man by the name of Isaac Sylivera , an ascetic, believed in his redemptive powers. This was the open declaration of the theory that he will deliver redemption to the World. But naturally this belief was rejected by religious authorities. And Zwi had to quit Izmir. In 1650-51 Abraham Yachini gave him a document that affirmed that he was the awaited Messiah. In these years Shabtai Zwi was constantly studying the Kabbalah, he was frequently in a state of ecstasy receiving spiritual inspirations.

Nathan Benjamin Ashkenazy of Gaza, a theologian, whom he met in 1664 was to be a turning point in his life. He would be the Prophet Nathan who would reveal to Sahbbatai Zwi that he was the Messiah just like the prophet of King David, Nathan, that is mentioned in the Tanah. By the time he returned to Izmir in 1651, Shabtai Zwi he had many followers. The people had gone mad, Jews from all over the world were flocking into the city, Zwi's home was being surrounded by the believers. A messianic era had begun. Frenzy was at its peak. No one could guess what will happen next. In spite of the oppression and opposition of the rabbis, people were worshipping Zwi, they were acting exuberantly when he was giving sermons in the synagogue. Believers were declaring " Our Lord will dethrone the Turk and will divide the World into eighteen kingdoms"

Everywhere from Poland to Amsterdam , from Germany to Palestine all communities shared the same atmosphere. The Messiah had canceled all prohibitions. He had let the woman lead the prayers and had broken the dietary laws. The elimination of the laws by Shabbatai Zwi can be explained as follows: When the Savior comes initially all laws would be terminated until he leaves and then new laws that are more strict would be replaced as indicators of an enhanced devotion to God. As a matter of fact the continual religious fastings of the believers of the time had been based upon this very belief.

The people sent by the Rabbinates to kill him were starting to believe in him. Religious authorities as never before in history were as desperate as they could be. There was one last thing that could be done and that was to report to the Palace and beg for their help. On December 30th, 1665 the Messiah began his journey to Istanbul. The general devotion to the political authorities and the non political agenda of the Jews caused the Ottoman administrators to be indifferent and unconcerned. But the news and accusations that were flowing in forced the Palace to take precautions.

Zwi's ship was halted and the Messiah was arrested and imprisoned in the Aydos fortress in Çanakkale (the Dardanelles). This incident caused further frenzy among his disciples. The palace's indifference to this incident, in a country where towers were erected out of the heads of the people held responsible for the riots in Anatolia, had been interpreted as the realization of the prophetic writings in the Zohar.

Believers were now starting to gather in this new " Mecca" the Aydos fortress. Nehemiah Kohen , a rabbi who had come to convince Shabbtai Zwi that he himself was the Messiah had numerous discussions with him lasting for hours. When this rabbi understood that he could not persuade Shabtai Zwi with his opinions he denounced Shabtai Zwi with false accusations and became a Muslim.

The Messiah Shabtai Zwi who was brought before the Divan (Court) was forced to become (September 16,1666) a Muslim. The news of the Messiah's conversion quickly spread around. This incident has always being recognized as a simple apostasy.

But according to Sabbatian sources this event has taken place in the following way: During the apostasy Zevi told the Sultan:" As long as this soul stays in this body La Ilahe Illallah" and right after he came out of the Sultan's presence he took off his caftan and took out the bird that was hidden in his bosom and said " the soul has flown out of the body Shema Yisrael"

If this apostasy hadn't taken place may be all the Jews living in the Ottoman Empire would have been killed. Another belief is likewise : " Moses lived like Egyptian in the palace of the Pharoahs. Shabtai Zwi similarly had to become a Muslim and live as a Turk in order to save his people "

The Sabbatians say the true reasons of the apostasy weren't made public. And this caused a deep impact on everyone. Despair and disappointment captured every Jew everywhere. As there were people committing suicide there also was a small community that had learned the full truth and followed the footsteps of the Messiah and eventually apostasized. Later on there would also be a group of Jews called the " Sacred Sabbatians" who would believe in the Messiah without apostasizing.

Shabtai Zwi and his "convert" followers were appointed to certain positions inside the Palace. Although Zwi seemed to be acting in accordance with his " new religion" he still held meetings with his followers in accordance with the Jewish religious tradition. While this was turned a blind eye to in the beginning, later on it was decided that it wouldn't be tolerated.

Upon a decree Shabtai Zwi was sent to Dulcigno (Uljinj) , a city in Albania, to exile, where there was not a single Jew present. On his request, Thessaloniki (Salonika) was accepted as a holy city and the believers ( ma'aminim) settled there. The first Sabbatian community consisting of 200 families , assembled in this very city.

In Albania, too, Zwi was involved with religious meditation and theoretical studies. During this period books that would become the main sources of Sabbatianism were written. Nathan Levi follows the Messiah too, but without apostaisizing. It is a well known fact that some Sabbatian converts later reconverted to Jewish faith. In the light of faith , the Messiah disappears on his fiftieth birthday only to return again. After the disappearance of Zwi due to various circumstances, the religious community that settled in Thessaloniki was split into three subgroups that differ on religious practices: The Jakobities , that accept Yaakov Qerido , Zwi's brother in Law as his successor. The Karakash , that accept Baruchya Ruso (Osman Baba) who later came to the scene and claimed to be the reincarnation of the Messiah's spirit and his successor. The Kapandjis who simply believe in Shabttai Zwi as the Messiah and no one else as his successor.

The Sabbatians sustained their existence remaining outside politics until the 19 th century. But the changes in the Ottoman social structure at this time made them more dynamic. They acquired political roles in the Union and Progress (Ittihat Terakki) and the masonic lodges which were established to determine the future of the Ottoman Empire. In fact many important political actors of the time were intellectuals of Sabbatian heritage.

It's interesting to note that Ataturk studied in an educational institution that was open only to the members of the Sabbatian community and that he had close ties and friendship with many Sabbatian families. After the loss of nearly all of European Turkey in the Balkan wars and the compulsory population exchange in 1924, the Sabbatian organization lost its vividity. But perhaps the most crucial event was the burning of important documents out in the Salonika fire. During this period , as a result of the common efforts of the youth in opposition to the community's religious structure, there was a break away especially in the Kapandji and the Jakobite subgroups.

The Sabbatians tried to find refuge in Ataturk's subjective conceptualization of nationalism which depended upon the individual's self-definition, and acceptance of the Turkish national identity, and tried to preserve their identities by exclusive religious meetings in secret settings.

With a rough estimation there are about 100,000 people of Sabbatian orign in Turkey today. The suppression of ethnic groups and fundamentalist Islamic influences in general have caused the Sabbetians to remain silent about their origins. Until 1950's the Sabbatians continued their religious rituals based on the Jewish faith and sung hymns to Shabtai Zwi. They have lived in accordance with Kabbalistic Judaism.

Though until the 1970's marriages were virtually taking place only within the community, this practice was abandoned and assimilative tendencies gained the upper hand. But there are still Sabbatian families that observe their religion, and maintain their Jewish identity through marriages. Even in the assimilated families the preservation of the Jewish identity can be observed. This document has been brought into existence with the aim of creating a public opinion for the re-acceptance of the Sabbatian community to Judaism.


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