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This 368 page book will clear up the confusion of the many unbiblical teachings concerning the end times. Understanding the scriptures regarding the Great Tribulation removes fear and produces Great Joy.

"The scriptural compendium on the tribulation is excellent."
Dr. Daniel C. Juster, President, Messiah Biblical Institute & Graduate School of Theology

"This book will be considered too controversial by many in the Church because it is such Christ-centered, simple, straightforward, strong meat."
Rev. Terry Chupp, Minister to the B.A..S.S. Touring Pros

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Understanding What Is Happening
Summer 2015

Message For Those With Ears To Hear BEFORE JUDGMENT
- AKA - Thy Life For A Prey

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The Jesus Problem
Vatican Approval of Palestinian State

CERN - Fifth Angel Fifth Trump
Key and Opening The Bottomless Pit

The Economy of Babylon
Henry Gruver - June 2014 Message
Henry Gruver 22 Minutes ONLY on the Rome Black Angels
Henry Gruver - Days of Awe NOW

The Most Important Thing
Everyone MUST KNOW

KJO - What Does It Mean To You?
New On-Line & Audio Book
By Jim Searcy
Let Us Go On
Unto Perfection

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Ch 1-2  Ch 3-4  Ch 5-6  Ch 7-8  Ch 9-10  Ch 11  Ch 12
Appendix by Henry Gruver

Brother Victor
Every Saint Needs To Hear This Testimony NOW

The Lord said, all these children are coming out.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

How Shall We Deal With This Mess?
Includes a Great Message from Brother Nick Vujicic
What To BEWARE & How To Fix

Sabbath ?

The 5 Deceptions of Islam

2015 Hearing Test from The Lord
(He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.)

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 PictureS Worth 1000's of Words
KJV - The Attack - The Truth
Who IS The Antichrist?

Legal Issue of The Jewish State
All Believers Must Understand This NOW
Jim & Pastor Manning Discuss The
Big Issues on The MANNING REPORT

Audio - How to Find
Great Joy in Great Tribulation

2015 (Audio 40 Min) - A Word All Need To Heed
Transcript Click Here

Lucifer's 10 Commandments Mocking God
Audio - Armageddon 2015 ?
Rapture When?

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Powerful Knowledge Base CD's
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Location of the Hidden Files
Togarmah Gog-Magog Hussein & Armageddon
Perhaps The Most Important Message Today
Final Separation of Sheep from the Goats

Oblation Written Message for Study
The Abomination of Desolation
Open Letter To: Roman Catholics
Obama CHANGE Defined
in less than 10 Minutes

Spiritual Aspects of The
Mark of the Beast

PESTILENCE - Bird Flu - Swine Flu - Plague
Updated for Max Level 6 Pandemic

FIRST Bind The Strong Man
Kundalini, Nephilim, Half-breed & Cross Breed
Spirits NOT of God

Global Warming TRUTH
& Globalist FRAUD

Mt. Sinai - Huge Stunning Images
Discovered Aug. 4, 2007

& The Beast & The Mother of Harlots & EU
Summary of TRUE Church History

Duty of Gentiles & Jews Regarding ALIYAH
WAR & Bush-Clinton-Bush
Syndicate of Sudden Destruction

Background of The Obama Nation
OBAMA'S REVENGE Article by: By Joan Swirsky - Grooming the perfect Marxist candidate

The GJiGT Message Unchanged since 1997

What About the USS Liberty?
PERES - War & Handwriting on the Wall
Essential Understanding for The Last Days
Power to BECOME sons of God
The Devil's Most Important LIE
The Basics - Where to Begin in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance - Audio Message
e-mail to Jim
Encouragement for those who feel like the
Lone Sparrow on the Rooftop

Essential HEBREW in 30 Minutes
The GJiGT contains the MOST Comprehensive, Biblically Accurate, Yet Concise, and
Applicable Information on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare.
Yes, the Lord said the FIRST Sign that follows those who believe is that
in the Name of Jesus we cast out devils.

Days of AWE
The Effect of EVERY Vision Is NOW at HAND - AUDIO

Time NOW According to Bible Prophecy

 More Depth Regarding Time NOW 

Battle Plan Revealed 2015

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.
Audio For NOW.

Romans 13 - VITAL Understanding
My KING - Do you KNOW Him?
How To Understand The Road Map From Hell
Open Letter for REAL Christians to Jews
Holy Bible, KJV Only? YES
Includes Expose of Septuagint FRAUD

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Disciples & Bible Reading
Holy Bible KJV Only for Unity - Short Audio Summary
Important Information to Have Fastened to the Inside Flap of Your Child's KJV Holy Bible
THE Secret of Secret Societies

Why Study Bible Prophecy
Dates for ALL Feasts of The LORD
Feasts Audio #1      Feasts Audio #2
Sabbath Torah Portions, Haftora &
Chadashah Schedule

Understanding The CROSS

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"By What Authority?" - Latest On Line Book by Jim Searcy
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Holy Bible - America - The Message
Audio Part 1 - Part 2

Angel A & Angel B
Real Audio Messages

JEWS - New Testament Definition

Proof of the Resurrection
The 3 Greatest Problems of EVERYONE
Audio - Right & Wrong Answers

Best Selling Gospel or Another Gospel

The Abomination of Dispensationalism

Part 1 -
Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

GJiGT Daily Bible Reading Schedule
Disciples & Bible Reading
Holy Spirit Baptism 
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Sabbath Torah Portions, Haftora &
Chadashah Schedule

Great Tribulation Status Real Audio
Great Tribulation Encouragement Real Audio
THE TRANSCRIPT- Lebed is Dead - Russian Gen. - Henry Gruver's Vision
Also Includes Truth Ref. Kent Hovind Railroad
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Dave MacPherson - History of Pretrib FALSE Doctrine
Monte Judah Heresy Issue
GJiGT PalTalk Groups When & Where
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The DEVIL's Top MAN in the Earth BEHIND it ALL
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ARMOR of GOD for The Last Days
Perhaps the Most Important 13 Hours of Teaching
Any Saint Could Hear NOW
Hour 1    Hour 2    Hour 3    Hour 4    Hour 5
Hour 6    Hour 7    Hour 8    Hour 9    Hour 10
Hour 11    Hour 12    Hour 13 
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UNITY & Positional Authority - Praying or Preying
Elijah Message
The Elijah Message Follows the Days of Elijah song by Paul Wilbur
The RIGHT Answer to the Muslim Problem
Jim Searcy - the BASIC Faith Series - Real Audio Messages
This series of messages to strengthen the saints for these glorious last days has 9 parts building up our Most Holy Faith. If you can only listen to one go directly to 3 and
if you can only listen to two messages 3 and then 9.

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FS1 - FS2 - FS3 - FS4 - FS5 - FS6 - FS7 - FS8 - FS9
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Audio Prayer &
Unforgivable sin
Feasts of The Lord
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NEW!! Abominations being done in Jerusalem
Continuing Development of the Gog-Megog War, WWIII
2015 -
Salt to Purify, Preserve, Purge - Part 2

Antichrist**: Identity ** Scriptures w/57 details: ** The Picture:

ST Backup Facts "SHEEPLE TRACT"  Returning to God

The Crest Rapture?    Corrie Ten Boom's Letter

 Purpose Driven Church Nightmare   Project Blue Beam

The Abomination of Desolation  CALENDAR confirmation

The Fear of God   Dangerous Religious Spirits Iniquity

7 Year Peace and Safety Agreement Great Tribulation Started When?

Plan to Destroy Israel Jews ??? Lucifer's 10

Seventh Day Adventists GJiGT-Radio Most Recent Programs

Are You Born Again? OBLATION    Da Vinci Code LIES

What We May Expect to See in 2015 Final Warnings

Torah Portions & Bible Schedule Versions or Perversions?

What Laws Still Apply To Christians ??? Angels

Mystery of Iniquity SABBATH? Sabbath History   Sabbath Facts

Old Testament Chronological Order 700 page Commentary by Jim Searcy

"SHEEPLE TRACT" This can be used anywhere. ST Backup Facts

Barry Chamish - Jim Searcy Interview Mohammed & Vatican Roma

Judah, Israel, Ephraim, and The Church Confession LXX Hoax

Is Christmas Christian???? Easter - Christian or Pagan?

Trinity Healing the 3/1 Schism Hate Sin & Love Sinners?

Best Selling Gospel is Another Gospel??? Acupuncture ?

Christian Occultism Expose - Copeland, Tilton, Hinn, Crouch, et. All


Heresy & Damnable Heresy Sacred Name ???

Star of David or Lucifer? Synagogue of Satan

Kabala is Hebrew Luciferian Occultism? O.S.A.S.

Humanism Vs Christianity Noachide Laws of LUCIFER

Erasmus Vs The Bad Guys   Ivan Panin ???

Septuagint Hoax Exposed    Scientology Antichrist Cult  

HOMOSEXUALITY - Answers & Direction & Facts  

What is Wrong with DISPENSATIONALISM ???  

Zionism & Anti-Zionism Brother Yun

DELIVERANCE - Freedom from Curses & Demonic Spirits

Demon Nukes I  Demon Nukes II  Demon Nukes III

PREDESTINATION???  "Serpent Seed"???

Is Hell for Real???  Why Is Mary Crying ???? 

Theophostic?   Two Sticks - Tribes?  Harry Potter

Names of God & Messianic Jewish Terms Power of the BLOOD

The Roman Catholic Church What is Behind Rome's Virgin

Pope, "Biblicism," & GJiGT Christians & Guns

Orthodox vs Heterodox  PRETERISM

G-d's Battle Plan for His people Revelation Notes Chapters 4-22

Returning to God Faith Unity Plea Jews ???

Lunar Sabbat (Perverse Doctrine) Prophecies for NOW & Soon

Micah & The Road Map Understanding Repentance

PROOF and History of the 3.5 Year No Rain Judgment in Israel

OBLATION  The Acts Context of Epistles Freemasonry?

Rebuild the Temple? Required by Man or Scripture? Resurrection When?

New World Order Religious System of the Antichrist which began in 1993?

Islam? Islam - Short Powerful Truths Answering Islam's Challenge

"Israel" - central to understanding Bible Prophecy? More Sure Prophecy?

Coincidences, by Ken Crouch 31 Days of Scriptural Prayer for Israel?  

Open Letter: Short Form - "The Doctrine of Christ": "Doctrine of Messiah"

"Israel Identity" and Racism UFO's and extraterrestrials?

True Prophets & False prophets? False Prophecy?

Preparing for Great Tribulation FEAR NOT! The command of the L-rd.

"Rapture" SABBATH? Red Heifers ? Ark of the Covenant Found?

Accuser of the Brethren Newsletter 07 Encouragement. Yeshua

Great Sword of Rev. 6:4 - Larry Wayne Harris' book essentials in 1 Page

Just for fishermen? Trinity? Tongues? Mormons? Islam?

  Steve Quail interviews Jim Searcy on Israel & Prophecy

By and For Teenagers  ** JW's Watchtower Exposed **New World Order

How to Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven Music



 Spiritual Warfare Section

 The GJiGT Version of "War on the Saints"
Click here for this powerful, on-line GJiGT War on the Saints Book.

Click here for the Real Audios of the War on the Saints Book and other related messages.

The GJiGT contains the MOST Comprehensive, Biblically Accurate, Yet Concise, and Immediately Applicable Information on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Yes, the Lord said the FIRST Sign that follows those who believe is that in the Name of Jesus we cast out devils.


Audio Messages Where to Begin &

IT IS FINISHED (only 10 Minutes)

Important Written Messages in Addition to the GJiGT War on The Saints Book

 The Devil's Most Important LIE

 DELIVERANCE - Freedom from Curses & Demonic Spirits

Understanding Positional Authority -ESSENTIAL

 The spirit of REJECTION

 Understanding Repentance

The Unforgivable Sin

Dangerous Religious Spirits

 Why It Can Take So Long?

 Returning to God

 Women of God

 DELIVERANCE - A Summary With Practical Help

Demon Nukes I

Demon Nukes II

 Demon Nukes III


Special Summer 2009 Revelation & Teaching
Given to Brother Scott Riaubia
ARMOR of GOD for The Last Days
Perhaps the Most Important 13 Hours of Teaching
Any Saint Could Hear NOW
Hour 1    Hour 2    Hour 3    Hour 4    Hour 5
Hour 6    Hour 7    Hour 8    Hour 9    Hour 10
Hour 11    Hour 12    Hour 13


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